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Our Recent Testimonials

I love Harry. I have turned my body over to Harry for the past 6 years. I am a roller coaster client, consistently training, but not always following the straight and narrow. Harry has just the right mix of taking no excuses and tolerance. Diet & exercise are a way of life, your daily regime. Harry understands that and in additions to training you, he asks the right questions to get a full understanding of his clients needs. I depend on Harry to help me maintain a healthy and strong body well into to my senior year. - Cynthia Crier : Architect


eliteI have trained with Harry Papageorgiou for over a year. After having worked with many personal trainers in my life, once I started working with Harry, my search was over. He is knowledgable about the latest training techniques, keeps the workout challenging and always changes the routine to keep my sessions interesting. But most importantly he gets results. On top of that, he is a really nice person. I would definitely recommended him to anyone at any fitness level. - Joyce Pedretti - Advertising Creative Director


When I started with Harry, I was overweight, overtired, overstressed, and under confident. I’d had trainers before who taught me how to do lunges, and what to eat, but it never seemed to stick. My job, my social life and my family always seemed to come first. Harry took the time to learn about who I was, and built a program around my schedule, my constraints, and my injuries. He pushed me to my limits, while showing me how much I had in me to give. I learned I had strength and power beyond my own wildest dreams. A year later, I have dropped from a soft size 14 to a fit size 8. I had been told by physiotherapists I would never be able to run on my bad knee, but with Harry’s help, I ran a half-marathon in under 2.5 hours with no pain. I learned how to make little changes that could make a big difference, and that making time for myself would make me stronger, happier, and smarter in all other aspects of my life. My body was completely transformed, my mind sharper, and my sense of self more defined. Most of all, Harry taught me how to be proud of myself in all that I do—from one last push-up, to sticking up for myself at work. A lot of trainers can give you short-term results, but Harry shows you how health and fitness can change your life…for good! - Frances Donald : Economist

I have been training with Harry for 5 years, and my body has continuously been at its maximum potential during that time. I am due to deliver my first baby in 13 days and have not stopped working out during my pregnancy in large part thanks to our adjusted training regime; it has been a lifesaver for both my state of health and emotional well-being. He is knowledgeable about the anatomy of the body and how to change a fitness routine--whether to mix things up to keep your body at its best, or because your going through a transformative phase such as pregnancy.

- Caroline Walther-Meade : Corporate Lawyer