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  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Strength Training
  • Boxing
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Pre/Post Natal Training
  • Fitness Consulting
  • TRX Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Battle Rope Training

Elite Training Methods Philosophy

  • As a fitness professional I’ve come to realize that your body becomes used to a certain stimulus. When this occurs, your body stops producing results hence the term plateauing.   Whether you’re goal is dropping body fat or improving your strength or flexibility, your body must experience a change of stimulus.  The most efficient way for the body to change is when it is properly guided through progression. Without it, the body won’t make the necessary changes.  
  • All three energy systems (ATP, glycolysis, and oxidative) are incorporated into my training sessions to achieve progression. For example you can run 5 days a week and not lose weight. This is because you are working mostly one energy system consistently and that’s not enough to force change to the body. Utilizing all energy systems is crucial.  A cardiovascular program and weight training program combined with proper nutrition will create faster results in dropping body fat and creating lean muscle due to the different stimuli you have introduced to your body. Aside from great appearance and energy attributed from fitness training it also prolongs longevity and creates self-confidence which is boosted beyond your expectations and just creates a life style that you enjoy.


Benefits Of Training

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Our Services

Corrective exercise: When a person seeks out treatment for a chronic  pain or injury they immediately look at the source of the pain; back, knee, shoulder, whatever is hurting and most of the focus is on that source.

What people don’t realize is that usually the pain is a result of stress from a totally different part on the body.

In many cases the pain you’re experiencing now is often the result of a series of small events that when looked at as a whole, leads to the real reason you’re experiencing pain.  Muscle imbalance and movement issues are often the root cause of chronic pain and the reason you can’t seem to heal the pain. That is why corrective exercise is used to fix those muscle imbalances and movement issues so the person can engage in proper body mechanics. Corrective Exercise focuses on the foundations of optimum posture, quality movement, and proper core function. It serves two major purposes:

1)A long lasting solution for anybody with injuries, aches, pains, or joint/tendon problems looking to resolve their condition

2)Formula for anyone needing exercise to improve, fitness, health, well-being or sporting performance.

Sports conditioning: Sports conditioning is a progressive method used to enhance functional movement, motor skill recruitment, and coordination of a specific sport. Whether you’re the average Joe or a super athlete you will benefit from this type of training because of the type of progression you will experience. At Elite Training Methods we believe that conditioning, strength and speed are the keys to a successful athletic career.

The major goal in our training is to provide physical and mental toughness, discipline, and confidence in our athletes.

Rehabilitation training: At Elite Training Methods a trainer works with physical therapists and other health care providers to help the client return to their everyday activities and for the athlete to return to an optimal performance level.

Our program includes: assessment and review of the client’s current level of ability &  progressive training of the injured area including integration of strengthening non injured areas

Strength training: Our strength training routines are devised of many different types of modalities whether you want to improve your strength endurance, enlarge your musculoskeletal frame, max power output on your squat or just want to lose weight and feel strong again; at Elite Training Methods your goals will be met using the latest tools in the fitness industry like kettlebells, battle ropes, and TRX.

We guarantee fun, safe, and effective programs that help the client reach their goals.

Boxing: Boxing is now one of the most popular fitness workouts out in the industry. If you’re looking for a lean, strong, and toned body then this is the sport for you. In a good boxing program you could expect a significant amount of body fat % dropped, enhanced speed and agility, noticeably improved coordination and stronger core. At Elite Training Methods every client leaves a boxing routine drenched in sweat feeling confident and strong ready to battle the next day. Many women that take boxing love it because besides being a great upper body workout it also hits the quads which a lot of women like to work on. Overall it’s a great full body work out that you could enjoy and also brag about to your friends.

Nutrition planning:Planning the right nutrition program is critical for the client that is trying to accomplish their goals in the gym. Most people will usually tell me “I’ll  just start eating low fat foods and run a little bit more”. They don’t realize that low fat means more sugar which is not good if you’re a person trying to lose weight. Depending on what you’re training for a recommended calorie intake could be from 1600 calories for a woman dropping her body fat to 3500 calories for a power lifter working on his dead lift. Aside from calorie intake the type of foods you ingest is also taken into consideration; for example a marathon runner has to eat a high volume of slow burning carbs because of the amount of running they execute a week. Without proper nutrition planning your body’s full potential will not be utilized which will lead to frustration and self-doubt.

Pre/Post natal training:Using a personal trainer during your pregnancy is one of the best things to acquire because it will  1- give you energy and keep you in shape during all the trimesters and 2- prepare you for the post natal training when you’re cleared from your doctor.

As long as you have no complications and have recent history of being fit the experience of working with a trainer is beneficial and motivating. At Elite Training Methods a personal trainer works close with the client’s doctor so their training program is executed in a safe, fun, and effective way.

Fitness consulting: When a person joins a health club and they start a workout program  it’s not too long before they start losing motivation and drive which eventually leads to an excuse which makes them quit all together. Using a fitness consultant will keep the person on the right path during a training program.

They are there whenever the person feels unmotivated and bored so there is no quitting at any time plus the fitness consultant makes sure that your training program is fit to your needs and lifestyle. That’s why at Elite Training Methods your experience through our fitness consulting should be effortless, motivating, and enjoyable.

TRX training: The TRX suspension trainer is a cutting edge tool in today’s fitness industry. Using this modality with one of our fitness trainers will improve your strength, balance, flexibility, stability, and core all in one. All it takes is repositioning of the hands and the resistance is changed instantly.

The TRX suspension training uses a wide variety of multi-plane movements that mimic our everyday life movements. You’ll enjoy an intense and exhilarating workout that combines floor exercises and resistance bands to maximize your core strength and stability plus reducing the chances of injury.

Kettlebell training: Kettlebells have become very popular in the last few years even though they’ve been around for decades already used by our Russian friends half way around the world. They are used to perform ballistic exercises which combine strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training.

Unlike dumbbells the weight is not centered, it’s mass is actually extended beyond the hand which allows the ballistic and swinging movements. The basic movements such as the swing and snatch engage the entire body at once and in a way it mimics real life activities like shoveling snow or moving furniture. Overall it’s a great tool to use if you’re looking to shock your body out of a plateau state.

Battle rope training:The battle rope system is a new, fun, and effective way of training that will strengthen and condition your body like no other program. The system can allow a professional athlete to push their body past the point of failure in a safe and effective manner while allowing the average person to lose weight or build endurance in an uncomplicated way. At Elite Training Methods a client will be surprised at how many different kinds of exercises they can do with this tool and how much fun they could have with it. We incorporate this tool a lot in our boxing and kettlebell programs which creates a dynamic workout that the client will enjoy and get results from.