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Mission Statement

  • A proud testament to my training is the fact that I have been working with most of my clients for over five years. That's because personal training is not just workout routines and weekly sessions; it's a lifestyle choice. It’s about exploring your physical and mental limitations and pushing beyond expectations. At Elite Training Methods, we will help you reach your goals through proper program design and individualized nutritional guidance. We seek to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and build a foundation of support and trust which makes you train harder and stay committed. With this relationship in place, the journey toward your fitness goals becomes easier and more fulfilling. Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle can be a challenge, but we believe that having a personal trainer is like having a guardian angel on your side. Elite Training Methods is not just about personal training; it is about changing lives

Bio - Head Trainer Profile

Harry Papageorgiou:
Harry has worked as a fitness professional for 10 years. His athletic training began early on in life with a love for football, basketball, boxing and weight training. With certifications in NASM-CPT, CES and ISMA, he specializes in strength training, boxing, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, and pre/post natal training.

His devotion to the fitness industry is exemplified through his continuing education and search for new modalities of training. Harry challenges and pushes his clients to levels they never thought possible. Armed with a positive attitude towards his clients he influences them in a way where good health and fitness becomes a passion and not just a necessity. When Harry is not in session with his clients you’ll find him training himself pushing harder past his physical and mental threshold.


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Our Mission

Elite Training Methods is not just about personal training, it is about changing lives.

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Benefits Of Training

The number one benefit for fitness training is that it increases your energy levels.

It forces your heart to work harder and deliver blood through your body and over time the strength of your heart will increase and it will be able to pump more blood and provide more energy to your body more efficiently when needed.

Another benefit of fitness training is improving the overall appearance and strength of your body. As we get older our bodies go through a lot of stresses which cause certain ailments in turn cause poor life style and self-consciousness.

Fitness training will help fix those ailments which in turn improves self-confidence, better eating habits and overall vitality. Apart from physical benefits, fitness training can also have mental benefits. There are a number of theories behind how physical exercise can improve your brain. Some suggest that the discipline that comes from sticking to a training schedule helps you organize your mind. Others believe that when you exercise you empty your mind of all life’s stresses and worries, which makes it easier to focus. Physical exercise has also been associated with a feeling of happiness and relaxation because when you exert your body during a fitness routine certain chemicals are released from your body called endorphins (hormones which make you feel happy).

Fitness training has also helped people who suffer from a number of conditions. If you suffer from depression, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, regular exercise can help you reduce the symptoms. In most cases a personal trainer can offer you advice on specific exercises that can help you with the ailment you suffer from.

That is why at Elite Training Methods whether you’re dropping body fat, improving speed for a specific sport or even wanting to feel younger again each client’s program is specifically designed according to their needs.